Our Mission:
To partner with healthcare organizations in a combined effort to decrease supply expenses and foster an effective clinical and financial operation, with the goal being to provide quality care to their patients.

Our Promise:
To provide integrity and accuracy in our work.
To provide the best value for your investment.

VRV Group is an independent healthcare consulting company providing over 80 years of direct management expertise and cost savings in the following business areas:

Supply and Service Cost Reduction Initiatives
Equipment Planning
Equipment Procurement
Materials Management Services

We are hands on, “in the trenches”, analysts who guarantee a hard dollar cost savings result. Through our proprietary process of data analysis, solution development, and implementation, we are able to offer individual, customized programs that affect the bottom line.

In combination with healthcare expertise, VRV Group brings 40 plus years of business knowledge in manufacturing, distribution, and retail, and in activities such as revenue enhancement and process efficiencies. We often find it a benefit to our clients to analyze situations from proven practices of other industries.

VRV Group prides itself on its philosophy that was developed on old-fashioned, grass-roots principles of honesty, integrity, accuracy and work ethic. This philosophy of “value at a fair cost” has allowed VRV Group to carve a strong niche as an independent and skilled healthcare consulting firm.