VRV Group can assist you in your financial focus by applying the following successfully proven services:

  • COST REDUCTION INITIATIVES - provide healthcare organizations hard dollar reductions applied to supplies and services. Our success is achieved through the use of competitive benchmarks, tenacious follow through and product due diligence. We fully understand the labor hours involved to research and analyze current products, effect potential change and complete implementation, and that’s the reason our business model includes a “start to finish” approach with minimal effort on behalf of our clients.

  • EQUIPMENT PLANNING SERVICES - surpasses the industry standard by offering a fully customized report formatted to our client’s specific needs. The report process begins with an initial generic equipment listing of all new equipment, merged with current reusable equipment and finalizes with a manufacture specific portfolio including all specification and installation sheets.

  • EQUIPMENT PROCUREMENT SERVICES - is an extension of the equipment planning process and includes negotiating prices of identified equipment based on local and national competitive benchmarks. Simply stated, VRV Group will use their broad knowledge and experience to obtain the lowest pricing for new or remanufactured equipment options.

  • CONTRACTED MATERIALS MANAGEMENT - This service offers clients the ability to access quality material management services on a temporary basis.

  • MATERIALS MANAGEMENT OPERATIONAL ASSESSMENT – This service offers clients a comprehensive analysis of their current supply chain processes.

  • PROCUREMENT REFERENCE - Offers clients information to obtain competitive pricing for supplies, services and equipment, on a requested basis.